After SUNSET Stories

Los Angeles Theatre, May 2017

Hey – it’s “my” corner!

Fifteen minutes into my set-up, LAPD’S finest arrived. They received a call about a man with a knife.

A few minutes later, some other photographer arrived with his 8x10 view camera.

Just another night in DTLA.

Thank God for my trusted friend Tracy La Monica.

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Broadway Hollywood Sign, March 2019

Going up!  With no clear view of The Broadway Hollywood sign from the street. I started looking for a rooftop. Five days later, with partly cloudy skies and an amazing sunset, I made The Broadway Hollywood sign photograph!

Griffin Nex made a short video of me doing what I love.

What a great night!!!

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Divine Lorraine Hotel, November 2018

It was rush hour! I stood in the middle of North Broad Street in Philadelphia to capture the Divine Lorraine Hotel photograph.

Jen, my niece and her husband Kyle shot BTS photos and drone video.

I lived to tell the story and increased my life insurance coverage.

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